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8 Cheese Set - 1.76kg for 18-25 people or 5 people over 3 days

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A lovely collection of cheeses. Serves 18-25 people or 10 people over 2 days, 5 people over 3/4 days.

960g Soft Cheese

800g Hard Cheese

A mix of all types of milk.


200g Fosseway Fleece - Hard Sheep's cheese (like Manchego, but better!)

Fosse Way Fleece is a perfect example of a hard, British ewe's milk cheese. The flavour is subtle, with hints of sweet grass complimented by a nice earthy rind. It is a good British alternative to Pecorino. The texture of our Fosse Way Fleece sheeps cheese is a wonderful smooth and silky experience with a fresh and clean taste that ends in a mellow afterglow. Fosse Way Fleece sheeps cheese takes its name from the old Roman ‘fosse way road’ that runs close to the village of Ditcheat where the dairy is situated.

200g Rutland Red  - Cows Hard, Buttery, Caramel-like Cheese.

Made using a traditional recipe, Rutland Red is buttered cloth-bound and
matured for 6 months to produce a flaky open texture cheese with a slightly
sweet, caramelised flavour and rich golden colour. It is the only pasteurised Red
Leicester style cheese produced in the county of Leicester.

200g Tuxford Stilton - Cows Blue Hard Cheese

Made in the village of Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire since 1780 this is one of the best remaining Stilton's. Very creamy, complex, and not at all bitter it’s a very popular choice for something interesting on the cheese board. (Pasteurised) (Vegetarian)

250g Baron Bigod (whole) - Cows Creamy Soft Cheese

The only true British answer to the raw milk Brie De Meaux. A creamy, white bloomy rind cheese handmade on Fen Farm in Suffolk.  It has a lovely layer of fudge texture in the middle surrounded by a melted brie on both side and then a wonderful textured rind. Unbrielievable :)

200g Cornish Yarg - Hard cows cheese

Cornish Yarg is a nettle wrapped semi hard cheese made from grass rich Cornish milk. Mild with a slight tang under its natural rind and slightly crumbly in the core, it consistently wins top international awards.

200g Tor - Soft Goats Cheese

This fresh lactic goats cheese is made in a pyramid shape with a geotrichum rind & a dusting of charcoal. Tor was created in tribute to the ancient Glastonbury Tor in Somerset, made by white Lake cheese. This soft goat's cheese has a very smooth close texture. (Unpasteurized) (Vegetarian)

250g Truffle Brie - Creamy soft cows cheese

This lovely creamy cheese is filled with a black truffle rich italian mascarpone which infuses throughout the cheese, giving it a delicious creamy and luxuriously earthy flavour. Ideal when added to a zingy pear or apple to balance the creamy taste with the sweet and crisp texture. (Thermised) (Vegetarian)

260g Stinking Bishop - Washed Rind Cheese, washed in Perry

The famous cheese! Stinky (but not really that stinky). Made with full fat cows milk. It's matured in cave conditions, which was typical on monastic cheeses. Pub quiz answer for you, the Stinky name actually doesn’t come from the smell of the cheese at all, and even with the monastic history of the cheese the name isn’t even related to a real bishop! It was from a farmer called Frederick Bishop, whose pears were used to make the Perry that washes the cheese. And he was nicknamed ’Stinking Bishop’ as an insult because he was often stinkin’ drunk, and impatient.

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