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6 cheese collection for 20 people 2.11kg, or 10 people over 2 days, 6-7 people over 3 days.

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6 cheese collection for 20 people 2.11kg, or 10 people over 2 days, 6 people over 3 days. 1.1kg hard cheese to 1.01kg soft cheese. 2.11 kg cheese in total

500g Mini Ticklemore - Goats Cheese

First made by Robin Congdon in the mid-eighties, Ticklemore Goat is known across the world and takes its name from a street in nearby Totnes made famous by its cheese shop. Goat’s milk from three local farms gives it a stark white colour, firm flinty texture with a mellow yet complex flavour featuring hints of lemon and herbs. Ticklemore is sublime when melted in cooking, perfect when crumbled into a salad and beautiful served on its own or with fresh figs. (Pasteurised) (Vegetarian)

300g Rutland Red - Cows Hard Buttery Caramel Like Cheese.

Made using a traditional recipe, Rutland Red is buttered cloth-bound and
matured for 6 months to produce a flaky open texture cheese with a slightly
sweet, caramelised flavour and rich golden colour. It is the only pasteurised Red
Leicester style cheese produced in the county of Leicester.

300g Stilton - Cows Blue Hard Cheese

Made in the village of Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire since 1780 this is one of the best remaining Stilton's. Very creamy, complex, and not at all bitter it’s a very popular choice for something interesting on the cheese board. (Pasteurised) (Vegetarian)

250g Baron Bigod Brie - Cows Creamy Soft Cheese

Made sublimely rich and creamy by the Jersey cows milk, developing savoury mushroom notes when ripe. The brie turns to liquid beneath the rind making this one of the best brie's available anywhere.

260g Mini Baronet or Oxford Isis- Cows Punchy Soft Washed Rind Cheese

It was created by Julianna Sedli in Corsham, Wiltshire in 2011, based on a Reblochon recipe.  Rich, buttery with a distinct smell and flavour. The rind is washed regularly until it develops its distinctive colouring, maturing in 4 weeks. The structure of the cheese depends on the milk and the season. Slightly firmer in the spring and summer when the herd of Jersey cows are out grazing the glover and creamier for the rest of the year.

450g Cremet - Goats Cheese mixes with Cows Cream- a Soft Cheese

Cremet is a decadent, soft, mould ripened goat’s cheese enriched with cow’s cream. It is tricky to make well and there is nothing else like it produced in the UK. It has a subtle, fresh, creamy flavour and mousse like texture when young, deepening to a full, rich flavour with earthy undertones when ripe. It is a persistent award-winner including Best Product at the Great British Food Award 2019. (Pasteurized and Vegetarian)

Available from the 6th December or earlier on request.

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