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Charles Martell and Sons

Stinking Bishop

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Have you ever wanted to try the notorious Stinking Bishop? Made by the Royal Warrent Holders Charles Martell and Sons? It’s made with full fat cows milk that is washed in perry, giving it a brown pink look, and an infamous smell. It was made originally in a monastic style, due to the monks that farmed in Hunts Court Farm. It’s matured in cave conditions, which was typically on monastic cheeses. Pub quiz answer for you, the Stinky name actually doesn’t come from the smell of the cheese at all, and even with the monastic history of the cheese the name isn’t even related to a real bishop! It was from a farmer called Frederick Bishop, who’s pears were used to make the perry that washes the cheese. And he was nicknamed ’Stinking Bishop’ as an insult because he was often stinkin’ drunk, and impatient. If you have a mum with a sense of humour, you can also gift her the whole smelly box for £30
£6.20 per 100g or a whole box of about 500g for £30 
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